Who We Are

Who We Are

The SENESI company is born in 1972 by Sisto Senesi, helped by his whole family, which proudly celebrated its first forty years of business: for that it wish to thank each of its customers, since without them it could have not moved a single step of the path to be the leader company in this field.

Today, the SENESI s.r.l. keeps producing and selling products for breeding and slaughtering, and dry plucking machines, of which many different models have been designed in order to fulfill a wider range of professional and private requests.

A long and boring job, especially for professionals and breeders, becomes simple and quick, thanks to the safe machines created by SENESI. The birds plucking procedure is always a sore point for zootechnicians, restaurateurs and hunters, to not speak of amateur breeders. SENESI is the italian brand that over the years specialized in these sectors with authomatic plucking: the goals of quality plucking machines are simplicity and flexibility of use, so that anyone -even beginners- can pluck any kind of bird.

SENESI scored it by making machines that work without hot water on all birds, from the quail to the turkey, and that are simple and safe to use, as well as efficient: an expert user can easily reach the 30/40 chickens per hour, depending on the machine used. The result is a complete, perfect and hygienic plucking, just like by hand.

For all these reasons, the SENESI dry plucking machines gained a wide approval among poultry processing activities and the hunting world; they are always showing in the main exhibitions and they are entirely built in Italy with great care in choosing the materials.