Cabina in materiali stratificati con finitura in laminato, il modello MG 244 Mercurius viene venduto full-optional e rappresenta una prefazione all’utilizzo delle macchine semi-professionali (disponibile anche in versione acciaio preverniciato e coibentato). Cabin made of laminated materials with laminated finish, the MG 244 Mercurius model is sold full-featured and is a preface to the use of semi-professional machines (also available in pre-painted and insulated steel versions).

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  • The MG 244 Mercurius incubator, fully automatic in egg tension, uses the special high-density plastic cellular eggplates in our range of professional incubators.
  • The temperature is measured using a precision thermometer in degrees F and a wet bulb hygrometer allows an accurate reading of the humidity level inside the incubator. A door placed on the door allows a perfect view of the interior of the incubator and the internal lighting allows a control of the hatching of the eggs without opening the door.
  • The electronic control unit with a large backlit LCD liquid crystal display makes it possible to manage the fundamental parameters of temperature and humidity with extreme ease of use;

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