Vacuum sealing almost completely removes the air from inside a container, forming a vacuum within. By removing the air, biological and enzymatic activity dramatically slows down, which prolongs the shelf life of the packaged product. In addition, the waterproof casing stops the loss or accumulation of humidity, which can cause damage known as freezer burn, altering taste and colour. This occurs when water transforms from a liquid to a gas and oxygen enters the void left by the evaporated water, causing dehydration. Food preservation rates

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Technical features
  • Model: SP480
  • Voltage: 230V - 50 Hz
  • Watts: 850
  • Lt/minute pump capacity: 40
  • Pump power: 850 mm/Hg
  • Automatic release: YES
  • Size: 510 x 350 x 168
  • Weight: 11.43 kg

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