Electric stunner for use with poultry and other farm animals. Complies with regulation CE n.1099/2009 of 24.09.2009. Consists of two instruments: 1. A wall-mounted ip65 control cabinet (42.5h x 32 x 18.5d cm) that weighs 11.28 kg.
There are 7 available settings (not modifiable by the user): chickens under 2 kg (240 mA for 7 seconds); chickens over 2 kg (400 mA for 7 seconds); turkeys (400 mA for 7 seconds); ducks (600 mA for 7 seconds); geese (600 mA for 7 seconds); rabbits (400 mA for 7 seconds); quails and pigeons (100 mA for 7 seconds).

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Stun data can be stored on a USB drive as a simple text file readable by any PC. Auditory and visual warning during the stunning. 2. The stunner itself is made of stainless steel. Equipped with green LEDs (horizontally positioned) that indicate the presence of current at the electrodes. It is also equipped with an emergency button. 230 volt 50 Hz power supply. Model size: 41.5 x 36 x 91h cm; weighs 8.15 kg Meets and exceeds the following EMC standards: EU89/336CE; Emission: EN50081-1:1992, EN55011:1991 Class B Group 1; Exemption: EN50082-1:1992 CEI801-2:1991 4KV CD, 8KV AD, CEI801-3:1984 3V/m CEI801-4:1988 Feed line 1KV. Signal line .5KV

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